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The Things You Didn't Know About Sienna Miller

By Lori on Sep 18 2014

The boho goddess herself, Sienna Miller. She is more than just a British actress, model, fashion designer and eight times Vogue cover girl. She is the girl who made coloured frame Ray-Bans and top knots cool. She also brought back the leopard print coat and epitomised boho chic. She has remained a fashion influence with her design label Twenty8Twelve, alongside sister Savannah.


  1. She was born in New York and moved to London when she was 18 months old.

  2. She was nearly born in a theatre as her mother went into labor whilst watching The Nutcracker

  3. She was announced as the face of Pepe Jeans in 2006.

  4. She says she doesn't own a hairbrush

  5. She is best friends with designer Matthew Willamson and wrote the foreword to his self-titled book.

  6. She bought more than $13,000 worth of photographs of Edie Sedgwick, whom she portrayed in the biopic Factory Girl.

  7. "I'm quite looking forward to the day when our paths will cross, which I know they will," Sienna says of the nanny who had an affair with her long term boyfriend Jude Law. "She better live in fear. I just hope she doesn't run into me in a dark alley." - Interview Magazine

  8. Her daughter is called - Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge