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The Knitwear Edit

By Lori on Sep 22 2014

Okay, after this weekend, it's pretty evident that the cold weather has returned. Usually this would kickstart the office moans and the count down to Summer. But this year, we're sort of excited for the downfall in temperature because it means a whole new wardrobe to wrap up in! We're easing our credit cards into it and beginning with knitwear.

Knitwear used to be seen as an under garment, a neccessity to keep warm and hide under your coat. But of recent seasons, knitwear has come into it's own and starred as a status piece. Brands such as ACNE brought out their Angora sweater in an array of colours to suit your every mood. Kenzo took the Fashion world by storm with their IT Girl tiger sweatshirts that set a path for others such as Isabel Marant to follow with her Morning Tokyo range.

The moral of the story is, invest in knitwear and wear it like it's your prized piece.