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Weslie Christensen of LOVE CHUG

By Lori on Oct 04 2014

We've decided to hunt/stalk down the most stylish and cool Mums on Instagram...Wev'e been following this blonde haired babe for awhile now. From her personal style, her beautiful blog and her wonderful family. Weslie Christensen has three children(yeah we want her workout tips too) and married to her highschool sweetheart, Bronson. Weslie writes on her blog..

"Bronson and I met our senior year of high school and became completely infatuated with one another. We knew something was special...and we also knew no one else knew how special it was."

She tells The Skinny Confidential : "My blog, Love Chugs, is a place for me to remember who I am, & maybe help a few others find pieces of themselves in me and my ramblings along the way, too…"

Her Instagram @weslie_ is a window into her enviable life, from snaps of her uber cool family to her stylish looks. Her style is very bohemian/rock vibe whilst still remaining casual, cool, laidback and perfectly effortless.

Her blog is authentic, real and one for all mums to follow.