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The Grey Thigh High Boot

By Lori on Oct 07 2014

The grey thigh high boot has been spotted everywhere this Autumn from bloggers such as The Londoner, celebrity favourites Diane Kruger right up to fashion royalty, Mira Duma. We've already mentioned how the thigh high boot is this season's must have, but it seems this year the trend comes with a slight twist. As practical as black is (and even though we worship it), lighter tones such as grey and tan seem to be close runner ups for all things accessories.

If you're worried about the raciness and sexy nature of the boot, grey tones temper down the Julia Roberts vibe, leaving your look sophisticated, chic and practical.

Team this AMAZING Gucci pair with a mini skirt or dress, turned up shorts or even with your favourite pair of skinny jeans. For the perfect silky leg, we'd reccommend wearing tights under for the best look and comfort.