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To Dream by Nicole Albarelli

By Kal Di Paola on Oct 06 2014

Director and writer Nicole Albarelli, a longstanding member of our fashion resale community, is raising funds for her new short film TO DREAM.

Over the last few years we've watched her move swiftly from music videos to film and with no formal film education to speak of, she is fast making a name for herself. Nicole has previously been runner up for the best film at the Portobello Film Fest and nominated for best short film at the London Independent Film Festival.

Nicole is currently raising £10,000 on kickstarter to finish filming her new short film TO DREAM. With 48 hours to go she is £3,000 off the target and needs YOUR help on the home run!

TO DREAM is a story about friendships, full of hope and intimacy, set against a harsh city background. Boundaries are questioned, secrets revealed and mysteries unravelled, stripping two teenage boys of their innocence whilst challenging the viewer’s perception and ability to sympathise with the enemy.

(Nicole) "a film that evolved mostly from my fascination with how humans cope in times of fear and loss. In particular how men cope and the pressures they often face to put on a tough exterior and conceal pain. I am 33 years old and i have already had the misfortune to have lost 2 ex-boyfriends and a handful of male friends to suicide and drug addiction. The dominating issue of escapism in this film is one that many people should be able to relate to. Every character in TO DREAM is battling their own short-comings in their own unique way and doing their best to survive by living "the law of the wild".

Find out HERE more about how you can help fund this exciting project - there are some cool rewards up for grabs in exchange for donations. You can pledge as little as £10 or more for unique experiences.