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The Staples Your Wardrobe Needs

By Lori on Oct 09 2014

Yes, we all know our mother's have instilled in us that we need to always invest in a black coat, black trousers and a white shirt. But realistically, these items cannot be the foundations of your wardrobe. Being multifunctional individuals (women), we need to dress the part for each of the roles our lives hold. From the school run, to the office, to date night and to girls night out..all whilst still being effortlessly stylish of course. By effortless I mean, you can pick your outfit out in ten minutes, because really who has more time than that? So to help, we've come up with a list, a new list for the modern stylish woman: on the staples you need to invest in.

  • The Grey Knit Jumper:

May it be wool, may it be long as it's comfy and chic, the choice is yours. A grey jumper can be the most versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe. Partner it with jeans for casual ensembles or wear it over a white collard shirt and team with a skirt or ciggerette trousers and heels for office vibes.

If you don't own a pair of ankle boots then we're not quite sure how you are surviving out there. They're comfy, you can wear them morning to evening and they go with just about anything. Team them with jeans for the weekend and partner them with tights for the office. In Summer, you can wear them with bare legs and a day dress.

The way to making your throw on outfits look so not throw on, is to accessorise. A hat never seems to take priority on a shopping list, but it is a piece worth investing in. It adds an instant cool factor to your outfit and hides that bed hair at the same time!

This investment piece can be worn all year round and instantly refresh your wardrobe. It has the ability to update your basic pieces from blouses to knitwear, denim and skirts. It is the easiest styling trick in the book once you know how to master the look.

-The White T-shirt

This may seem obvious, but most people won't ever invest in good quality white t-shirts. We highly reccommend the next time you go to buy your new set of white tees, look at spending that bit extra. You really won't regret it.