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Top Ten Preloved Designer Coats

By Lori on Oct 21 2014

Obviously the most important purchase for your Winter wardrobe is the coat. The staple that you don't mind spending that bit more because you know it's going to last for years. The perfect coat should be reasonably light weight, snug, warm and roomy enough to fit more than a layer underneath.

From oversized to slim, double breasted to single buttoned the one thing that coats have in common this season is that they are beautifully constructed. What's been refreshing the past few seasons is that coats are no longer shunned if they aren't your stereotypical black, white & grey. The fashion industry has evolved your classic coat and brought it out in a rainbow of colours, so don't shy away from the vibrance.

Here are our favourite preloved designer coats from BuyMyWardrobe...