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Trade Breakfast

By Lori on May 24 2014

For the early risers who work in the city, there's no place better for a quick and tasty breakfast. Last week we visited Trade in Aldgate on Commercial Street.

It's a tiny hidden gem along a main street, whose industrial lights glowing in their window, allure you in to their baked goods on display. Perfect to grab a coffee and a slice of your favourite sweet loaf for the morning commute. However, if you have a little time on your hands, we'd recommend placing your order and taking a seat in the back area that overlooks a patio.

Sweet tooth Vicki ordered blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. All I can say is... don't order these if you don't have an appetite. They're a healthy (or really unhealthy) portion of the most deliciously warm pancakes, frosted in icing sugar. I wasn't complaining because it meant I got to steal a whole pancake from her for myself.

I ordered my absolute favourite of crushed avocado and feta on toast. Again, a hearty portion size and a great choice of crusty sourdough bread.

We're fans of the minimal rustic interior, so if this place was in the West End there's no doubt we'd be popping in for Friday breakfast treats every week at less than £8.00 a head. If we're ever strolling down Commercial Street, we'll see you again Trade for a slice of that chocolate loaf!