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The Best Celebrity Halloween Instagrams So Far

By Lori on Nov 01 2014

The battle of the best celebrity Halloween costume begins, here are the latest entries to Instagram.

  1. Kate Hudson opts for a sexy Sons of Anarchy costume....whose gonna blame her, she's still got it!

  2. Rachel Zoe took to imitating Disney's evil Queen from Snow White with her husband coordinating as The Huntsman.

  3. Courtney Cox went as well SCARY! We love the amount of effort she made...still not sure about the crayon though?

  4. Nicole Richie too went for the Disney theme by dressing as Cruella Deville with her kids in tow as the dalmations. Steal her devilish costume with this monochrome Tibi dress

  5. "Axl and Slash forever" - Jessica Alba looks unrecognisable in her rock 'n roll outfit! Channel the rock chic vibe with these fabulous biker leather pants

  6. Lucy Hale had the most innovative costume we've seen so far, as she went as the Twitter bird.

  7. Hilary Duff kept it short and sweet as she went as a fairy princess, we think it suits her perfectly!

  8. Of course Paris Hilton wouldn't be seen looking scary or have a hair out of place. In true Paris fashion, she went as Minnie Mouse.

  9. We LOVE the effort Kelly Osbourne has made with her maid outfit!

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