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The Chanel Bag Make-Over

By Alex Zagalsky on Nov 07 2014

Thanks to BuyMyWardrobe my dreams of owning a red Chanel bag have come true!

I purchased this cute little white number from the site a few months ago for a mere £200 - I have never clicked a 'purchase' tab so quickly. Chanel white was looking a tad tired and yellow - she'd had her time swinging about in the 80s but she wasn't worn out by any means - in fact her leather was in pristine condition with no grazing from all that 'Kajagoogoo-ing'.

I decided to take her to Haywards in Knightsbridge, a premium dry cleaners that also dyes designer bags. These guys are specialists and have palettes that correspond to the colours used by designers through the decades. I chose the Chanel pillar box red of course. It was by all accounts a tricky transformation: Chanel's chain had to be removed and the strap hand-dyed a few times and reinserted into the chain. It took 3 weeks and cost £180, but I think she looks like a million dollars - ready to make some new shapes on the dancefloor, Iggy Azalea style. Thanks BuyMyWardrobe!