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The Best Instagrams Behind The Victoria Secret Show

By Lori on Dec 03 2014

Forget SS15, let's get into the most talked about fashion show of the year....the Victoria Secret's Angels extravaganza!

We've stalked a lot of Instagram to find these can thanks us later...

  1. T-swizzle (formally known as Taylor Swift) made a second appearance to perform after last years stunt in New York. Although, we hear she's the reason behind model Jessica Hart's absence on this years catwalk. If you didn't know the goss....Jess Hart made an offhand comment during an interview last year that T "didn't fit in" with the Angels and the show. MEOWW. So this year there has been rumours that Taylor specifically stated that if she was in, Jess had to be out. Peace & Love girls. T did however show love for mini Ariana Grande who also performed.

  2. Sassy! Jordan Dunn and the angels pose at the after party looking flawless...(they woke up like this)

  3. Didn't see this coming...Angels go GHETTO. Check out Candice's kicks!

  4. Karlie Kloss shows us all how inadequate we really are with her golden girl locks and her million dollar pout! Kisses!

  5. Everyone loves a polaroid, Lilly Aldridge (married to the frontman of Kings of Leon...he's HOT) embraces a hug from Swifty whilst our fave Candice Swanepole continues to show how G she really is...we kinda like that!

  6. If this photo doesn't define perfection then not sure what does.

  7. Behatti Prinsloo returned to her hotel room to find the biggest bunch of roses from her hubby/man of our dreams Adam Levine. STTTTTTOOPPPP they're just so cute!

  8. The calm before the storm...Alessandra shows the hardship of being a model. (lol yeah right)

  9. FAM PIC! Queen B (Adriana Lima) poses with her family and friends before she owned that runway!