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Jessica Alba nails the Airport Look

By Lori on Dec 10 2014

Airport attire is one of the easiest things to get wrong! Lucky for us, Jessica Alba is showing us how to get it oh so right. No one looks their best when coming off a flight, but with a well put together outfit, you can fool them all and easily walk out looking fresh (even if you don't necessarily feel it).

A hat, simple but effective is great for two things: 1. Hides that wild mane of yours after several sleepless hours. 2. Makes it look like you've actually put some thought into what you have put on. Another element that does this is the mid heeled boot. It's comfy, practical and really just looks a whole lot better than your trainers or flip flops.

Jessica Alba's dusty pink coat is the perfect colour to brighten up her outfit without drawing too much attention. Subtle and stylish are the keys words here.

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