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"Throwawayism" is a dying trend- Quality vs Quantity?

By Kal Di Paola on Feb 04 2013

Not so long ago “cost per wear” was an acceptable justification to buy something of low value, wear it once or twice and then dispose of it. But times are changing and this “fast fashion” philosophy is being replaced by a greener more sustainable approach to shopping where quality matters. Women everywhere are now more than ever getting behind the notion that clothing should be investment pieces that stand the test of time.

With the high street pushing out collections monthly rather than seasonally and producing clothes in enormous volumes to increase profit margins-the choice can be overwhelming and it feels like fashion trends come round quicker than ever before. Elizabeth Cline author of “Overdressed- The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion” takes us on a journey to uncover the true cost of cheap fashion and the roots of our obsession with deals and bargains. Elizabeth Cline shows how we can break the buy-and-toss cycle by embracing greener and more sustainable options when shopping. For those on a personal journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle this is well worth a read.

We love that Vivienne Westwood supports this new way of thinking with her very own climate revolution ’Of course I try not to waste and my way of not wasting is to try to concentrate on quality not quantity. And you know my message, it is buy less, choose well, make it last.”

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