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Why we are stalking Rachel Zoe on Instagram...

By Lori on Dec 21 2014

We are crowning this, the most fabulous fashion mum Instagram account! If you aren't following Rachel Zoe, then not too sure what you have been using Instagram for.

Rachel Zoe epitomises everything we want to be: fashion royalty, BFFs with Kate Hudson, a hunk of a husband and the most stylish toddlers the world's ever seen.

Rachel's account is a snippet into her very busy but effortlessly picturesque lifestyle. She's either snapping her look of the day, rushing to her front row seat at Fashion Week, coordinating outfits for her dreamy little ones, date nights with her husband, painting the town red with Kate (they're on first name basis) AND she still has time to come home and make homemade baby food. 'Superwoman is a comic character' is the biggest myth we have ever heard. She may not wear a red cape, but she does wear this season Burberry, which makes her good enough to be our superhero!