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The whole world is on a diet, detox or a fitness plan! Are you?

By Kal Di Paola on Jan 07 2015

There is no hiding away from it - January is the month of new beginnings!

The whole world is on a diet, detox or a new fitness plan. Our social media feeds are inundated with 'How To' guides and motivational messages, so we figured it’s best to give in to the cause and join the masses on the yearly pilgrimage to healthier living!

We’re all doing our bit in the office, (for as long as we can keep it up) Vicki has joined a bootcamp (and discovered what a tricep is), Lori is juicing and I am currently exploring Sarah Wilson’s wellness philosophies, in an attempting to cut down my sugar intake!

We’re all on a clean eating mission and have bookmarked some of the best lists including these 34 clean eating recipes (mostly gluten and diary free, low carb, vegan or vegetarian) and these healthy and nutritious salad recipes (mostly with meat.)

We’ve also made a pact to eat out only at the most healthiest of establishments with Ceru, Nopi, 106 Baker Street and Roots and Bulbs top of our list of places to trial.

To keep the momentum going I figured it would be good to book in a team physical challenge for later in the year. Having done our first 5K run last year, I thought we could do with something a little more challenging this year.

Now I just need to convince the team to sign up for the Tough Mudder challenge in May but so far I'm just getting looks of dismay!