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There's a new style Japanese restaurant in town, Kurobuta!

By Lori on Oct 09 2015

When we heard that the new Japanese fusion venture Kurouta by Scott Hallsworth (former Nobu chef) had opened on our doorstep, with a hop, skip and a jump we headed over to welcome them to the neighbourhood!

When you walk through the door, don't expect your typical Japenese surroundings. [Kurobuta]is way cooler than that. (think more burger joint than sushi establishment) Instead you'll find a laid back ambience lit with industrial lighting and an open kitchen on view to the diners.

After a friendly welcome from the staff, we started with what we know best - the cocktail menu. Complimenting the theme of the food, you'll find green tea infused tipples along with classic favourites such as the beloved mojito.

We were advised to order between 2 - 3 dishes per person (so obviously went for 6!) and the feast is served in small dishes, tapas style. The chef cleverly orders your choices to come out of the kitchen in starter and main course order - with sushi served last as a palette cleanser. The first thing we pinched with our chopsticks was the yellowtail sashimi, garnished with green jalapeños for a subtle kick, and the soft crab tempura.

Swiftly we moved on to the star of the show - the Wagyu Beef Sliders; Steamed Bun, Crunchy Onions, Pickled Cucumber and Umami Mayo. At £19 these are the most expensive dish on the menu - but definitely worth every penny. We loved the light combination of flavours and mixture of textures between the soft bun, crunchy onion and succulent meat. The perfect mini burger to savour.

For anyone that's taken on a new year diet or detox, don't cry about skipping your favourite sushi - the 'Skinny Bitch' carb free option hits the spot with a hell of a lot less calories to worry about (sans rice).
FYI it's the dish on the left < < <

We'd technically finished our meal and started to instagram (as you do) when the waitress suggested we shouldn't leave before trying her personal favourite - the caramelised aubergine. For those with a sweet tooth this would be your pick off the menu. Our only criticism was that the bites were a little too large for such a rich flavoured dish, so we'd have preferred it thinly sliced!

All in all a great fusion concept of Japanese meets BBQ and we're very happy that it's only a stones throw away from the office. For next time we have our eye on the chicken and duck dishes that we didn't quite manage to fit in. See you soon!

Lori & Vicki x