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Don't have any New Year's Resolutions? Steal ours...

By Lori on Jan 12 2015

Thou Shall Not:

  • Use Tinder

  • Tolerate the word 'bae'

  • Drink three coffees before 12

  • Have lunch before 12

  • Talk about how big the iphone 6 is

  • Tell everyone I'm going to Coachella but never do

  • Watch celebrity Big Brother

  • Talk to everyone at work about celebrity Big Brother

  • Think Thursday is the new Friday

  • Be hungover on Friday

  • Start an unrealistic hobby like ballet

  • Discuss an app I would create if I had money & access to developers

  • Take a photo of every single meal I eat

  • Drunk tweet

  • Crack iphone screen

  • Be late for the Uber

  • Check the Daily Mail more than once a day

Thou Shall:

  • Always ask for 'sugar free' at Starbucks

  • Read a book a month (Vogue doesn't count)

  • Borris bike it once a week

  • Buy more cashmere

  • Attend more exhibitions than happy hours

  • Sell clothes before I buy new clothes

  • Become the Mary Berry of baking at work

  • Press the snooze button only once

  • Wear more black

  • Buy a juicer

  • Use the juicer

  • Send more cards

  • Have fresh flowers in the house

  • Do a 10k run for a charity

  • Always have manicured hands, always!

  • Recycle

  • Buy newspaper, read newspaper

  • More dinner parties!

  • Have an organised closet at all times

  • Stop worrying

  • Travel to three new places

  • Be more bendy...aka yoga