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Momstagram: Charlotte of The Fashion Guitar!

By Lori on Jan 16 2015

In our continued series of women we wanna be, in all aspects of the phrase: their hair, their kitchen, their style, their cheek squeeze cute kids and sometimes even their husbands (okay the last one was a joke). But really, lifestyle blogs have completely taken off the past few months. Just look at your Instagram Following - you follow of course your friends, your mum (if she's dope enough to have surpassed Facebook), your favourite celebs and brands... but there is more than a handful of women/bloggers you follow purely because you enjoy admiring their lifestyle from the small window of Instagram.

Lifestyle blogs epitomise aspiration and somehow they're many shots did you take of your brunch and how many people did you ask which filter was better? Yup, we all are trying/dying to get our feeds to look as crisp and glossy magazine worthy for the prize of an envious life (that has to get over 20 likes at least!!) However, there are a few (thousand) that have got this down. Here's one of them....

We first met Charlotte of the blog Fashion Guitar at London Fashion Week where we shot her for a Street Style page. Charlotte was pregnant at the time but that didn't stop her innate sense of style.

"It was only after working with several fashion blogs in my former job that I realized I wanted to start my own. Obviously there were many amazing ones out there, but I wasn’t always convinced by the quality and the “real-factor”. - Charlotte explains in her About section on her blog how and why she began this picturesque journey.

Charlotte has recently moved to New York after four years in London. Her blog is great and her styled looks are Grace Coddington level (we don't dish that comment out...ever). But it's true, Charlotte is authentic, has impeccable style and isn't afraid to test trends. We find ourselves screen-shotting her posts to each other on a weekly basis with the obligatory caption of 'WHY AM I NOT HER' or 'FML'. The two thoughts that lifestyle blogs instill in you for the rest of the day. Yet it is a hobby/addiction we can't get enough of. Jump on board...

Charlotte's Blog
Charlotte's Instagram