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Brunch at Granger & Co

By Lori on Oct 23 2015

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have seen a few snaps of these scrambled eggs before. Granger & Co is a little piece of Australian gastro-heaven in London. But let's start at the very beginning.

Bill Granger opened his first restaurant at the age of 24 in Sydney Australia. It soon became famous for the best scrambled eggs and hotcakes (pancakes to us Brits) in town. Twenty years on and Granger's passion for fresh food and that friendly, welcoming and oh-so Austrailain vibe is what has made this a global favourite.

Granger & Co's first establishment in London was opened in Notting Hill. Word/Instagram pics soon got around and just a few months of opening, you'd be lucky to get a breakfast reservation at the weekend.

Granger & Co's soaring popularity meant they had an obligatory duty to the hungry people of London, to open a second home in Clerkenwell.

"With Granger & Co Clerkenwell I wanted to create, not just an inviting spot where you can relax, dine and indulge, but also something a bit different. The area is a creative hub so I wanted to inject some glamour into the restaurant, while at the same time keeping things classic."

As much as we'd have loved to have indulged in the breakfast menu, our Saturday night of debauchery meant Sunday's wake up call was never going to be before 12pm. So lunch it was!

We stepped into the bright and bustling venue, with our eye straight to an array of freshly baked tarts, cakes and slices all laid out on a terrazzo slab. As the lunch menu came, we couldn't help but notice that everyone around us was ordering the same thing 'the full aussie'.

The Full Aussie is essentially a Full English breakfast, only better. The scrambled eggs are a work of genius and I'm still stumped on how they got them A. to look that good and B. taste so great! The miso chestnut mushrooms didn't miss the spot either. To make it the dream of all breakfasts there is a list of sides you can add to your plate including my favourite, salsa avocado (honestly, don't make the mistake of not ordering this as an accompaniment). It makes the perfect partner to the sourdough toast that are held together with creamy butter.

We also tried the salmon sandwich - herb cured salmon, cream cheese, pickles & toasted sourdough tartine. It was fresh and tasty as it looks. The perfect portion for those who haven't got a hearty appetite (or too hungover to eat).

Overall, we have no bad words to say about Granger & Co and really the food speaks for itself. We can't wait to go back soon and try pizzeta's, the breakfast menu and the dark chocolate pistachio fudge annnnd maybe a cocktail, or two!