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Apps All Women Need

By Lori on Feb 02 2015

It's time to get 'appy! Smartphones are essentially a digital handbag where you keep all your daily tools you need on it... in the form of apps.

There is almost an app out there for everything, some taking the world's laziness to an embarrassing level. But there are a few, we cannot live without, from Instagram to our weekly planner, calorie counter and Shazam.

However, we've gone on a mission to find the apps you may not have and frankly we don't know how you're surviving without. Take a peak

The Grapeful App

The Grapeful app is the waiter you need constantly by your side. Simply select the dish or cuisine you are eating and the app will suggest a number of suitable wine styles.

Know the characteristics you love in a wine but can never find the right one? Select your preference and Grapeful will identify a number of suitable wines for you.

With Valentines day coming up, we couldn't think of a better way to impress with this in your pocket.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is one of the best apps we have come across. In time of an emergency, there isn't time to key in your passcode, draft a text with the details you need to urgently get across.

The Circle of 6 app, let's you pre-select a group of 6 friends that you would want to contact in case of an emergency. When you need help, it pings all six an alert message and sends them your GPS location.

This app has won many awards and we can see why!


Ever missed out on buying tickets to see your favourite band? Found out late your husbands favourite artist was touring?

Well not anymore, SongKick scans your music library then keeps you informed of the artists’ touring plans.


Forgot to go to the grocery store on the way home again? No idea what to make with the three things left in your fridge?

Type into Platter the ingredients you have left in your cupboard and it'll forward you all of the recipe options uploaded by the Platter community! It's like having millions of tiny creative chefs in your pocket!