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The Wedding Photography Awards 2014

By Lori on Feb 07 2015

It may be the most important part of the biggest day of your life. Sure you can spend thousands on transported peonies from Asia or have an 8 tier butter-cream frosted cake, an Ellie Saab wedding gown and Maroon 5 playing your favourite Whitney Houston song. But none of those matter if you can’t capture them for the perfect photo album that can last a lifetime!

The best photographers can book up months in advance, and every Wedding Planner knows, they're the first thing on your to do list. But how do you know what type of style you want? Well, here is a selection of the best captured wedding moments from around the world, to inspire and help you along your way to the biggest decision of your life... just kidding, not really.

Each year The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) holds their awards..four times! (There’s a lotta hitching going on). Selecting and awarding the best images from the big day, from the obligatory 'Bride and Groom Portrait' to the unconventional ‘Kids will be kids’. Here are a couple of our favourites...

1st place, Pure Art, Fall 2014, Emin Kuliyev, New York City, New York

1st place, The Indecisive Moment, by Franco Baroni, Frankfurt, Germany,

1st place, All About light, Chris Huang, Taipei, Taiwan,

1st place, Bride Portrait, Summer 2014, Gerhard Nel, The Hague, Netherlands

1st place, Pure Art, Spring 2014, Nathan Welton, Denver, Colorado

1st place, Kids Will Be Kids, Razvan Horeanga, Cedar Rapids, Iowa,

1st place, Getting Ready, by Tito Rikardo, Jakarta, Indonesia,

1st place, Wedding Details, Ivo Popov, Brussels, Belgium,

1st place, Ceremony, Winter 2013 Raman El Atiaoui, Frankfurt, Germany

1st place, Bridal Party Portrait, Winter 2013, Matous Duchek, Prague, Czech Republic

1st place, Humour, Rich Howman, Bristol, United Kingdom,

1st place, Engagement Portrait, by Jocemar Voss Kovacs, Florianapolis, Brasil,

1st place, The Decisive Moment, by Dennis Berti, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,

1st place, Getting Ready, Mariano Sfiligoy, Santiago, Chile,

1st place- Family Love, Fall 2014, Allen Ko, Canton, China

1st place, Bridal Party Portrait, Xiang Qi, Nanping, China,

1st place, Bride & Groom Portrait, Fer Juaristi, Riviera Maya, Mexico,

1st place, The Wedding Dress, Valentin Gamiz, Córdoba, Spain,

1st place, Bride & Groom Portrait, Galina Nabatnikova, Moscow, Russia

1st place, Bride Portrait, Apresh Chavda, Apresh Chavda Photography, London, United Kingdom

1st place, Family Love, Masao Okano, Amara Photo, Boston, Massachusetts

1st place, Venue & Location, Dennis Jagusiak – wedding photography - | Wiesbaden, Germany

Do you have any unique or controversial visions for your big day? We'd love to see them!