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The Mini Is Back...

By Lori on Feb 03 2015

Move over midi, fashion’s most daring hemline is back. Think back to the school days where the only flattering component to your uniform was your mini skirt. It had the ability to take the white collar buttoned shirt and that wooly sweater to a sexier place. The mini skirt has always had a naughty reputation about it. But fashion casts no judgment and we’re allowing it back into our closets with open arms and a clean slate.

Miniskirts were sighted at Saint Laurent in leopard print & embellished denim and in pastels and beige tones at Coach. Has the mini skirt got a grown up makeover?

If you're wondering how anyone can brave that length with the drop in temperatures, think cosy jacket, tights and knee-high boots, but come Spring I’m afraid it’ll be time to start waxing and getting back in the mini game, cause this Spring has legs!

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