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Love Scandal? Olivia Pope shows us how to do workwear

By Lori on Feb 04 2015

Are you a Scandal fan? We’d like to think that’s a rhetorical question, but if for some reason you have never watched the American political drama of Scandal. Let us tell you that you’re SERIOUSLY missing out on some good tv. But you don’t need to be a super fan to appreciate the impeccable style of leading lady Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).

Olivia Pope’s wardrobe epitomises work wear at it’s finest. But a rule she may teach us all, is the importance of two investment pieces: a good coat and a great designer handbag. We look at her best looks that prove these two elements can be the foundation of your work wardrobe. Olivia is never seen without her main sidekick…a Prada bag but we won’t judge if you favour a Gucci. But it’s the coats that truly play as the power pieces, from wrap coats to structured pea coats, tie up trenches and a lot of oversized collars.

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