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Elle Macphearson and that fringe jacket!

By Lori on Feb 09 2015

She has the best blow dry in town and now she’s showing us all up with this killer look. Elle MacPherson got it so right this week with her Stella McCartney jumpsuit paired with those major Saint Laurent heels! But what everyone’s talking about it that REALLY cool fringe jacket. New York Fashion Week in September was awash of fringe, from Proenza Schouler who showcased the fringe skirt and Thakoon that embellished tops with it. Not to mention it’s bang on that seventies trend. Although it was intended as a Spring-thing, Elle shows that it’s not too early to get on that fringe fever for the remaining Winter months.

How to do this: rock it in black and save the cowboy tanned versions for the warmer seasons. Pair it with chic accessories - a Chanel 2.55 or a pair of Manolo Blahniks will do the trick!

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