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5 ways to tackle the post-baby work-wear dilemma!

By Guest Writers on Feb 20 2015

Hi I'm Catherine Robertson and I'm a personal stylist. Many of my clients are new mums who are going back to work and feel daunted by the fact their wardrobe staple can no longer be their trusted pyjamas.

Having been there myself, I know exactly what it's like. You want to return to the office looking chic and sophisticated but trying to squeeze yourself into your pre-pregnancy clothes fills you with dread and you can't even begin to imagine how you wore three-inch heels all day.

'Panic not' I tell my yummy mummies 'help is at hand!'

  1. Think capsule - gone are the days when you could put some real thought into your outfit. Now, simply trying to get out of the house on time appears to be the seventh wonder of the world. In order to make your life easier, your work-wear has to be capsule. Everything you buy should go with at least two other pieces in your wardrobe.

  2. Keep it classic - stick to classic colours, styles and tailoring and you won’t go wrong. Make sure you have a great trouser suit – it’s en vogue, versatile, looks chic and you don’t have to worry about leg hair! A wrap dress is another essential staple – comfortable, flattering and quick and easy to stick on.

  3. Be savvy - you probably need to be a little more careful with the pennies now you have a little one, so make the most of the high street. Zara, M&S, Next and H&M are my top work-wear bargain destinations. Also, keep an eye on for some great value designer pieces and use the site to free up some cash by selling those clothes at the back of the wardrobe that you know will never fit again.

  4. Love a kitten-heel - having spent up to a year in flats you need to gradually ease your feet back into heels. The kitten heel is the perfect solution – there’s enough of a heel to make you feel elegant again but you don’t have to worry about toppling over. Also, buy some Nike trainers to wear on your rush to-and-from the office. Yes, it’s very NYC – but trust me, you’ll need them.

  5. Invest in a bag – a designer bag is timeless, oozes sophistication and will last a lifetime. It’s also very versatile as it will complement any outfit. Go for one that is a classic colour, simple in design and big enough to use as a nappy bag on your days off. If you can’t afford the full price tag of a new one, then get a quality pre-loved bag from

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