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Ten times Solange Knowles showed us how to wear colour...

By Lori on Feb 10 2015

She may have lived her life behind the lime light of her sisters phenomenal fame (Beyonce) but in no shape or form has Solange Knowles lived in her sisters shadow. In fact, you couldn’t walk into a room and miss Solange for when it comes to the fashion games, she’s a key player.

The one thing Solange’s style never lacks is colour. Come rain or shine, Solange’s presence is projected through the vibrant ensembles she wears. If there are two lessons we can learn from the Queen of colour blocking it’s 1. Don’t be scared to pattern play, 2. Never be afraid of colour.

We take a look back at ten times Solange Knowles showed us how to wear colour, and pack a fashion punch to stand out from the greys... We're digging out our brights as we speak!

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