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Spring Friendly Fur

By Cat Penn on Mar 13 2015

Spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and there are daffodils poking out their sunny little heads… but lets be real, we live in Britain. Don’t be fooled, it’s not warm. The cool breezes have lead us to take some Yeti style inspiration so you can be chic, even if you’re chilly.

To rock this look all you’ll need to do is think fur and think big. We especially love airy pieces that go beyond fur in to the realms of fluff. For colours, do whatever you like! Natural shades for every day, white for a touch of glamour or add some colour for a fun twist.

You needn’t look far for inspiration, furs of all descriptions have been seen at catwalks across the globe this fashion season. Stella McCartney showcased her models in beautiful ‘fur free fur’, featuring swathes of shaggy material in glossy black and white. Gucci kept it natural in muted browns, greys and blacks cut in classic shapes, whilst Shrimps paired leopard print with blue, pink and yellow fur collars and stoles.

We plan to snuggle into some fuzz with a pair of skinny jeans and huge sunglasses, but you could always throw on a skirt and some thigh high flats if you’re feeling brave! Side note: don’t restrict yourself to fluffy coats – furry bags are just as fun!