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Wild Style

By Cat Penn on Mar 21 2015

There are no two words more diving in the English language than leopard print. Whether you love it or hate it, it certainly makes a statement, which is why we personally can’t get enough. We love that it can be dialed up or down and made appropriate for any occasion – no wonder we saw so much of it in the crowds during fashion season!

As always, we have some tips on how to wear the trend without looking like a fashion victim. Firstly, if you’re rocking some serious animal print keep the rest of your outfit calm – it doesn’t have to be monochrome but mixing prints is best reserved for the incredibly brave or toddlers who have just been allowed to dress themselves. Secondly, choose your fabric wisely. Cheap fabric looks cheap, and if you’re outfit looks cheap then God help you! And finally, if you wear it whilst holding a cigarette and a glass of champagne you might get mistaken for Edina Monsoon. This is not a bad thing.

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