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Jeans All Colours Of The Rainbow

By Lori on Apr 06 2015

Off-duty dressing just got interesting! It’s time to refresh your wardrobe with an injection of colour! Coloured denim seems to be going against the main reasons for wearing jeans in the first place, they’re a muted tone and go with just about anything. However, it’s time to put your favourite blues to the side and dare to be different. Mix it up!

For some reason it seems a lot easier to style a block colour top in comparison to a pair of solid colour jeans, although the principles are really no different, just reversed. Don’t panic! We look to the A-listers for the easiest styling tips!

Lesson 1 by Diane Kruger: Patterns work with coloured denim, particularly stripe! Diane Kruger opts for a pair of pink jeans AND a pair of pink studded Valentino flats which could become completely Barbie barbaric if she got the top wrong. But it’s Diane Kruger and she never puts a toe out of place in the styling stakes. Kruger chooses a nautical stripe boyfriend T-shirt that completely eliminates the OTT girly vibe of the rest of her outfit. She is left looking chic with a pop of colour that isn’t overwhelming or distractive. You wouldn’t get the same level of adorable if she wore plain denim instead.

Lesson 2 by Street Style Queen Olivia Palermo. This trick is for the brave, wear contrasting colours for that statement pop but blend it together with neutral hues that compliment one another!

Lesson 3 Alessandra Ambrosio. If wearing color with color is a little too nerve-wracking, color with neutrals should cause far less fashion anxiety. Take notes from Alessandra who teams her indigo jeans with a white staple blouse!

Lesson 4 Katie Holmes shows us that denim on denim doesn’t have to mean of the same hue. Like jeans, denim shirts come in different washes, ranging from light to dark. Katie’s light denim shirt, completely tones down her fiery pants, making the outfit completely come together in a balanced partnership.

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