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Kate Bosworth's Festival Style

By Lori on Apr 15 2015

Let’s face it, of recent years festivals have become increasingly more about what you’re going to wear rather than what musicians you’re going to see. Favour this new outlook on live music or hate it, festival fashion has become a trend of it’s own.

Festivals such as Coachella have become a place where a mean style game is being played and only Pinterest worthy outfits are allowed. Ensembles made up of crochet, floral crowns, lace cardigans to the floor, cowboy boots, body chains and even face gems. However boundry breaking festival statement dressing has become, some A-listers (Kate Bosworth) have the nack to transform their festi field dressing to city chic street. We take a look at bohemian queen Kate Bosworth's best festival looks that you could easily wear everyday!

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