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The Story Of Balenciaga

By Cat Penn on Apr 13 2015

If we said Balenciaga, we imagine you’d say something like ‘innovator’. Hailed by Christian Dior as ‘the master of us all’, this is a brand that has been making waves since its birth in 1914.

The baby of Christobal Balenciaga, the first Balenciaga boutique was opened in San Sebastian, Spain and immediately captured the imagination of the Spanish royal family, who wore and supported his designs until the Spanish Civil War, which forced the brand out of Spain and into France. Following the brand’s migration success in Paris was immediate, with the French press branding Balenciaga ‘revolutionary’. Editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Carmel Snow, was also an early adopter of the brand. Balenciaga even went on to design the wedding gown for Queen Fabiola of Belgium – an ivory duchess satin dress, trimmed with white mink on the collar and hips (fit for a queen, naturally).

Post-War, the full scale of Balenciaga’s creativity and craftsmanship came to light. Whilst Dior was perfecting the New Look, Balenciaga was busying himself manipulating the relationship between women’s bodies and the clothing adorning them, by broadening shoulders and removing the waist the tunic dress was created. This later developed in to the 1958 chemise dress. Further playing with the proportions and lines of women’s clothing, Balenciaga also created the balloon jacket, the high-waisted baby doll dress, the cocoon coat, the balloon skirt and the sack dress, all between 1953 and 1957. These garments were deemed hugely important in the development of fashion, as this was the creation of a new silhouette for women.

Balenciaga was favoured through the 50’s and 60’s by everyone from Pauline de Rothschild to Jackie Kennedy, and these days the brand is still highly revered in A list circles. Everyone from the Olsen twins, to the Kardashian’s to everyone’s favourite Londoner Kate Moss is riding on the Balanciaga bandwagon! And since Alexander Wang took the creative director reins from Nicolas Ghesquiere in 2012, the brand has continued to rise to the top through its innovative and eye catching designs.

Personally, we love the way that Balenciaga merges fashion forward cuts in wearable colours and fabrics – a fashionistas dream and definite investment we’re sure you’ll agree!

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