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Hands Free Fashion

By Cat Penn on Apr 11 2015

There are some things that should be left in the 90’s, these include but are not limited to: goatees, toe rings and Beanie Babies. Some things, however, manage to remain effortlessly up to date and desirable despite being born of the same era that gave us shell suits (cheers for that, 1990). One of these unicorn fashion items is the humble bum bag – yes, we know it has some fairly uncool connotations and yes, we know it is the bag of choice for lame tourists but come on people, you can’t ignore how useful a bum bag is!

We particularly love them at festivals, one hand can be dedicated to your overpriced beer whilst the other one can be tapping that reasonably attractive tall guy on the back to beg him for a shoulder ride so you can actually see something. All this whilst knowing your phone, cash and emergency hair bobble are safe and sound round your waist.

Of course, bum bags come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re going to do it you might as well do it properly and go for a stunning red Chanel number! The perfect pop of red and gold to any outfit, it’s a surefire hit; plus you can remove the belt and use the bag as a clutch – told you they were useful! It’s been spotted on celebs and bloggers alike, showing how it can be worked from muddy field to city chic quicker than you can say ‘I need another cider!’

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