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Is fast fashion sustainable?

By Kal Di Paola on Mar 13 2013

Call it the H&M effect or fast fashion, the fashion industry continues to create and feed a demand for new trends at an ever increasing pace. As fashion and technology collide we’re able to get access to catwalk trends quicker than ever before. Retailers like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M are able to supply current season looks straight from the runway and often get copy cat looks on shop floors before the catwalk designers have even started selling theirs.

Not so long ago, the fashion industry worked around a two-season calendar. A consumer would never have known what was being sent down the new season catwalks until the beginning of each season when the glossy magazines would offer their first edits of the new season collections. Now we are experiencing a democratisation of fashion where street style stars and bloggers are challenging fashion editors with up to date content on all the latest trends as they hit the catwalks. The demand for fashion HERE and NOW has never been more powerful.

Fast fashion moguls like Zara and H&M are so fast, they can design, manufacture and get clothing into stores in less than a month but can they really be sustainable as well as fast and cheap?

H&M want to think so! With the launch of their Conscious Collection and latest sustainability efforts, is fast-fashion finally entering the age of sustainability?

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