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Prom? We've got you covered

By Lori on Apr 29 2015

Let's face it, it's the second most important dress you're ever going to wear. It's the understudy to your wedding dress, the most memorable/photographed outfit of your life...unless you plan on becoming Beyonce and hitting the red carpet on the reg, your prom dress is everything.

We understand this and that is why we think every girl should have the perfect dress to attend the most stylish soiree of their year. Why risk going for a high street number that one of your peers could buy too, you're not an Olsen and you can't pull off twinning it with your best friend. Why hit Harrods to spend a small fortune on a dress (no matter what you tell yourself or your mother) you will only wear once!

This is where the fairy godmother of BuyMyWardrobe comes into play. Shop preloved, go through hundreds of exquisite designer dresses that usually have only had one night out and are eagerly awaiting it's next Cinderella moment…but at the fraction of the original price. Browse from designers such as Versace, McQueen and Gucci. The best thing, you won't have to fret over the nightmare of a classmate having the same dress as you.