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Satchels & Sunscreen

By Tessa Silcock on Apr 28 2015

As the month’s pass and the temperature rises, the layers of clothing gain their limitations and the days of lugging heavy bags around become far too unpleasant. As we increasingly enjoy that Vitamin D, the appeal of cable knits and luggage totes seem miniscule. Lighten up your day as the sun shines through your bedroom window by grabbing that LWD and a pretty little cross-body bag to contain only your summer essentials.

This particular century-old style of bag, shows its popularity through a wide range of nicknames, you may know them as messenger bags? Or you may throw them into the satchel category… whatever you know them by, here’s a little something you may not know…During the hype of the 50’s & 60’s British fashion culture, every school child would be paired with their very own brown leather satchel, this eventually became a must-have for all children, which resulted in them taking the trade mark comfortably into the British quintessential style.

One of our favourite looks is the sandals and satchel look. That relaxed feeling of throwing on your over-sized shades with your favourite summer dress and strolling down to the shops for a day out with the girls…what could be better?

As far as getting that perfect sized bag that effortlessly hangs from your tanned little shoulder, we’ve got you covered. High quality is the only way to go, why not enforce that through your favourite pre-loved destination! Take a look at our selection, and treat yourself just in time for the weekend.

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