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Who will be the tastemakers of the future?

By Kal Di Paola on Mar 18 2013

Once upon a time fashion editors of print magazines were the gatekeepers to style, the intermediary between the designer brands and the consumers. In recent years the rise of digital has seen the democratisation of fashion where consumers have access to fashion trends in a very different way and are influenced by everyone from celebs to fashionistas to street style.

Live streaming and up to the minute information means that data is now available to all and everyone from brands to bloggers are creating content to help consumers cut through the overwhelming amount of choice available to them. Get the look, runway edits, street style photos are everywhere and with the vast amount of up to the minute information that is available anyone can produce them.

What is emerging is a fusion of e-commerce and media. Major online retailers (Net-a- Porter, ASOS, Topshop) are using content in magazine-like ways. Some produce online magazines and ASOS even publishes a hard copy one. They no longer need to court traditional media to get their products seen by their consumers. The relationships are more direct. In the future editorial integrity will become increasingly important and brands will feel the pressure to deliver a magazine style, feature rich digital experience.

Consumers themselves are increasingly aware of trends and with the power of data that can be collected in real time brands can ask their customers what they want before they produce it. Modcloth for example lets their users be the buyer and decide which designs get created.

As we continue to see the emergence of magazine style community based e-commerce sites driven by content our twitter chat subject this week will be:

Who will be the tastemakers of the future?

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