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Don't Sweat It: Statement Sweatshirts

By Cat Penn on May 04 2015

There are times in life when fashion and comfort collide. We know, shocking. These moments are few and far between, with one normally winning above the other, depending on the occasion. Luckily, however, it has been bought to our attention that you can have a comfort/style moment almost every day (depending on how committed to the cause you are) with one simple item; The humble sweatshirt.

The mere sight of the word may bring back memories of ill fitting monstrosities emblazoned with your school logo, but times have long since changed and sweatshirts are big news. Spotted on many a celebrity and style A lister recently, it’s clear that comfort is cool (thank God)! They can be thrown on with jeans and trainers for every day wear, then swap the trainers for pointy courts and you’re ready for the evening! They look equally amazing with skirts and high heeled boots, for the perfect ‘I tried, but I didn’t try very hard’ look.

If you’re still struggling with the age old Spring dressing dilemma then sweatshirts are once again your saviour – too cold for a tee but too hot for a coat? Throw on a sweatshirt and trot out the door knowing you won’t freeze or melt. If that alone isn’t reason enough to invest, think about Beyonce in the 711 video, if she can rock one in pants and knee pads, you can do it in jeans and Nikes!