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The History Of Gucci

By Cat Penn on May 09 2015

On paper, mixing sex, glamour, the finest craftsmanship and horses reads like a recipe for disaster (saying it out loud doesn’t improve things much either), but in practise these four components come together to form one of the most coveted brands in the world: Gucci.

Gucci is the baby of Guccio Gucci, who began designing ‘London inspired’ bags in 1921, combining the aesthetic he had seen at The Savoy with his native Italian skills. The equestrian influence of the brand came about in the 1930’s, after Gucci’s designs had become popular with many horse riding aristocrats, which led to the invention of the Horsebit icon. This would become the symbol of Gucci quality for years to come.

Following the shortage of materials in the 1940’s, another iconic piece of design from Gucci was created. Bamboo was burnished to create the handle of the Bamboo Bag, prompting Gucci to become renowned for its innovative approach to style. This iconic item remains ever popular, both with avid fans of the brand and those who are just discovering Gucci.

The next step in iconic development came in the form of the green-red-green web stripe that adorned many items from the 1950’s. From here, the brand expanded in to Milan and New York and began making a name as THE brand for modern luxury.

As Gucci grew, so did its reputation for innovation and became a go to brand for the likes of Rita Hayworth, Jackie O and Michael Caine. With celebrity followers more outlandish designs came to light, including furs and baby crocodile coats.

In 1994 Tom Ford was appointed as creative director, which infused the brand with a sexy, provocative side which Gucci is now known for! Nowadays, the brand is a symbol of sexy luxury, with craftsmanship that harps back to the brands Italian origins. As the undisputed king of luxe, we can’t get enough of Gucci.

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