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Seller spotlight... Whispersales.

By Vicki Metcalfe on Mar 21 2013

If you’ve been trying to track down a vintage Chanel handbag, then look no further than the profile of our newest business seller on the site – Whispersales, for quilted perfection in every colour!

Here’s a little insight into the background of the business from the lady behind it all, Sabrina:

How did you get into fashion?

For me it all began when I was a law student. My university was in oxford circus so I was in the hub of the fashion world, London. With easy access to almost every designer from high street places like Zara to Selfridges and Harrods. I could window shop at pretty much every designer store in the world. I think it is from here I fell in love with Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Of course as a student I could never afford any of these bags but now I just get to invest in lots of vintage pieces at fraction of the store price.

What type of products do you source to sell?

WhisperSales try to source unique and desirable vintage designer pieces. We try to source items that show off their character as they have aged over time but are still in good condition. We look for rare pieces that will make anyone wearing them create serious bag envy. Our favourites have to be Chanel and Hermes.

How do ensure that all of your items are authenticated?

All of our bags are sourced from reputable vintage houses who have a large team of in-house experts who guarantee their authenticity. On average they check over a hundred bags a week so they have the knowledge and experience to identify a fake from a real bag. WhisperSales pay a premium to only buy our stock from reputable companies so that we can ensure all our customers get the best vintage designer pieces and enjoy their investment. And of course we have now dealt with so many vintage bags and from experience we ourselves could easily spot a fake from a real designer bag. It is easy once you know the signs. We even have a guide on how to spot a fake Chanel on our blog. At WhisperSales we have robust screening process for every item we sell from the moment we see a bag we like, from analyzing the bag and its origins to actually buying and then selling the bag.

So in essence all our bags are authenticated twice.

Are there any stories behind any of the items you are selling?

Well, since all our items are pre-loved or vintage I suppose every piece has its own secret story. One story each item shares is that they have lived and continue to live as they are passed down from their old owners to their new owners. I treat each of my bags like a gem and I’m sure all its new owners would do the same. I bet some of our bags have seen the world.

What is your favourite piece for sale?

That’s a hard question. I love every piece we have for sale. I wouldn’t be able to just pick one but my two favourites would have to be the vintage Hermes Kelly 32 in black leather. This bag is over 40 years old and the character and design of the bag has not changed from the new Hermes Kelly 32. This piece is truly a classic and honestly from a quick glance you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from a new one. Also I would have to chose the rare beige Chanel leather bag, not only is it a rare bag to find but it has been kept like a new Chanel, carefully cared for with its original box, dust bag and authenticity card.

Shop Whispersales’ fabulous collection of pre-loved pieces here.