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Statement Shoes

By Cat Penn on May 14 2015

Sometimes, you don’t look your best. It’s okay, we all have those days (even you, Beyonce). When these days roll around it’s nice to know there are a couple of things you can do to get peoples eyes away from your haystack hair and on to something a little more flattering. The easiest and least eyebrow raising is to don a pair of statement shoes – the bolder the better in this situation!

High or flat, from sandals to loafers, whatever the weather there is a statement shoe out there for you. Showstopper shoes can be added to just about any outfit, depending on how much attention you’d like that day, but we think the distraction technique works most effectively with a monochrome look and something bright on the feet. Be impeccable by matching your nail varnish to you shoes, people will genuinely believe you aren’t ill/hungover/still drunk from last night!

Statement shoes: the surefire way to make people say “Who cares what you look like? Your shoes are gorgeous!”