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The History Of Jimmy Choo

By Cat Penn on May 22 2015

If we asked you to think of impossibly high heels, a world renowned name and a celeb following as long as your arm we’re guessing two words would come to mind: Jimmy Choo. One of the undisputed kings of footwear for the fashionable woman, Jimmy Choo came from humble beginnings and we love him all the more for it.

Born in Malaysia (Penang to be precise), Choo was the son of a cobbler and was introduced to the world of shoes at a young age. Choo would sit and watch his father craft shoes for months and months before finally being able to make his own pair… aged 11. Once bitten by the footwear bug, Choo headed to Hackney in the 80’s to study at Cordwainer’s Technical College, and three years after graduating set up his own shop.

From setting up shop it didn’t take long for word to spread of Choo’s fabulous shoes – two years after the store opened its doors Vouge featured Choo in an eight page spread. If that wasn’t enough, Princess Diana was also spotted donning Choo’s on numerous occasions; the seal of approval had officially been stamped by the fashion world and Jimmy Choo was officially a footwear icon.

Thanks to the relationship with Vogue, Choo was able to partner with accessories editor Tamara Yeardye Mellon; she sensed that there was a larger market for this small business and wanted to push the company globally. Unfortunately, after five years the partnership deteriorated with Jimmy focusing on Jimmy Choo Couture and Tamara having control of the Jimmy Choo London line.

As it stands, Jimmy Choo remains one of the leaders in luxury and it’s easy to see why. We love how the brand spans couture to ready to wear, flats to sky high heels and all the colours and embellishments a girl can dream of, all whilst remaining as chic and elegant as Choo’s first creations. It’s easy to see why Jimmy and his brand achieved an OBE, we can’t think of a more deserving pair.

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