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Karlie Kloss's coding Scholarship #KodeWithKarlie

By Lori on Jun 03 2015

SO THIS IS MAJOR! Supermodel Karlie Kloss is known for her wings on the Victoria Secret runway and for being BFF's with Taylor Swift. But Karlie reveals that she is more than just legs for miles and a face like heaven.

Karlie reveals that she recently started taking coding classes and how stimulating and creative she found her course. Karlie understands and knows the importance of coding for the future of the tech world we live in, from websites to apps and product designs. Coding is a crucial element to most industries.

Karlie said coding made such an impact on her life and she wants to share this opportunity with other teen girls out there. Thanks to her latest project #KodeWithKarlie, a handful of them will get that chance without worrying about the cost.

Find out more about the scholarship here.

As tech girls ourselves at BuyMyWardrobe this is a project we are full in support of!