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Blogger of the week... Stella Kattermann of Stellas Wardrobe.

By Alex Churton on Mar 29 2013

Kooky fashion blogger Stella Kattermann has graced the pages of Grazia, Elle, Vogue and many others, fast becoming one of London’s hottest street style stars. The History of Art student and Stella’s Wardrobe blogger has been eating and drinking her way around London since her arrival from Duesseldorf and looking fabulously stylish as she goes! She fronted Miss Selfridge’s blogger campaign, headed up the panel at Grazia’s Fashion Blogging’ Masterclass and sold her enviable wardrobe at our last event, so we never miss an opportunity to catch up with Stella and find out what life is like in fashion’s fast lane.

How long have you been blogging?

I started my blog in 2007.

What inspired you to start a blog?

I bought a t-shirt from Swedish brand 5preview who always encourage you to send in a pic of you wearing it. I did and the designer behind the label Emeli Martensson loved how I styled and kept on sending me more t-shirts until she eventually suggested that I really should start a blog! For me it was initially a great visual catalogue of my outfits and not really for others, luckily people started to look at it and like what that they saw!

What subjects do you love blogging about?

For me it is about creating the two weekly outfits and making them amazing, each week starting out with one item and trying to create a coherent and balanced look.

What has been your highlight so far?

There has been many highlights, it was great how well received the campaign was I styled and modelled in for Miss Selfridge and I can’t say I’d ever imagine giving a talk at the Apple store for Grazia magazine about my experience as fashion blogger!

What is your personal style?

I think it’s ever evolving, colourful yet the older I get minimal too.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My most used and loved item has to be a pair of black Dorothy Perkins ankle boots. They are the perfect boot, just the right shape and height and has seen me use them a fair amount to finish out an outfit and has caused me to finally get them reheeled only a few weeks ago to make them last as long as possible!

What other blogs do you follow?

I don’t to have too much time in final year uni stress to read many but I do love Love Aesthetics and Clothes, Camera and Coffee by my lovely friend Rosalind.

Any tips for those aspiring bloggers out there starting their own blog?

Be yourself, I have never tried to create a blog that is liked and ticks certain boxes, I do my own thing and if people happen to like that well than the better!

Follow Stella on Twitter @stellakatterman.