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It's All About Mules

By Cat Penn on Jun 08 2015

This might be the last thing you want to hear, but mules are cool. We know it sounds unlikely, and it sounds like we're harping back to the nineties trend again, but they really are back. It sounds hard to believe, due to the fact the last time they reared their head it was all about Carrie Bradshaw and Buffy, but they’ve been amped up, roughed up and made to be the most covetable shoe of the moment.

Spotted on all the coolest people from Rihanna to Olivia Palmero to Scarlett Johansson, they’ve secured themselves a fashion must-have. Now admittedly, they aren’t the easiest of shoes to wear. Lack of a back means there is a real life worry that they could slip off at any moment, so walking may take a little more concentration. Luckily, most heeled versions have a foot strap nice and high up on the foot to keep them on. Of course, unless you have legs like Kendall Jenner this poses a slight problem of mules making you look stubby – we propose fixing this with high waisted garments to give you some extra length.

So in conclusion, they’re kind of ugly and kind of awkward, but they just work. We can’t explain it and we don’t fully understand it, all we can say is be brave and take the plunge. Mules are cool again – who knew?!

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