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Tanya's Cafe

By Lori on Jun 19 2015

After stalking it’s delicious instagram account, it didn’t take more than a week for us to make our way to try out the new raw food joint in Chelsea, Tanya’s Café. If you’re into our green juices and working on that Summer bod then this should be the destination for your next lunch meeting with the girls.

Tanya, has been hailed by the media as the UK's top holistic coach and has made a global mark as a detox and raw food expert. So for people to trust when it comes to health…she’s pretty much up there!

The concept of Tanya’s Café came to life when she was approached by the power couple behind the fleet of My Hotels, Linda and Andreas. Linda and Andreas requested wellness coaching from Tanya, they always referred to her as raw Tanya.

When the couple asked Tanya for raw eateries they could try in London, Tanya revealed the distinct lack of these and her plan to create a fully raw and organic restaurant in London. The two put things together and it seemed like an obvious plan to launch Tanya’s Café at the My Hotel in Chelsea.

The café is situated in the hotel’s conservatory, a nature filled haven with the smell of fresh pressed juice in the air. I went for an early Friday morning breakfast and had ‘Avo un Toast’. Which of course had it’s own raw twist of soft onion bread which is surprisingly sweet and worked so well with the opposition of flavours of the pepper flake avocado. To accompany my food, I ordered ‘My Cocoface’, coconut juice served in it’s shell, a little sip of the Caribbean in London.

All we can say is, go! And don't forget to grab a alice of raw cheesecake on your way out...guilt free!