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Preloved Flats That You Need

By Cat Penn on Jul 03 2015

Victoria Beckham once said she can’t concentrate in flats, whilst that’s all well and good for the goddess of fashion herself, us mere mortals need something a little more comfortable and practical for our every day lives.

Good shoes can make or break an outfit, and we feel flats can give a cool and casual vibe to just about any ensemble. Be they pumps or trainers, good flats make you feel comfortable and look great, without the ‘try-hard’ feel of heels – Sorry Victoria.

Pointed flats are all the rage right now, and we love them too. The point elongates legs, meaning they work brilliantly with everything from pencil skirts to rolled up boyfriend jeans. Of course, if girlie points aren’t really your thing, trainers are another way to keep it casual yet cool. We love the look of sleek trainers like Converse and skinny jeans, a classic look we don’t see going out of style any time soon!

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