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Seller spotlight... Nadine Salem.

By Vicki Metcalfe on Apr 04 2013

Fabulous fashionista and editor of The Flamboyante, Nadine Salem oozes chic with her edgy sense of style influenced by her hometown in Vienna and her London life. We have serious wardrobe envy – who wouldn’t?!

When did you first discover fashion?

As soon as I could walk I wanted to be a model and I would always model clothes for my mother and relatives, strutting my stuff like I has seen on TV. I would also always pose like a real mini model for family pictures. I would go so far to say, that some people were born with an affinity for fashion – and I am certainly amongst those.

What is your most memorable purchase?

A red and gold metallic leather coat by Pinko when I first moved to London in 2006. It cost me a fortune and I literally had to break the bank. I think that day has marked the day I became a true fashionista, who was actually willing to put a lot of effort and, well, money into an extraordinary and stylish wardrobe. I realised how much pleasure I got from being fashionable. I still have that coat hanging in my closet and I still wear it with pride. In the meantime I also have more items of clothing, that had a similar high price tag – but the pleasure of owning them made it well worth it.

What is your personal style?

My personal style is definitely chic with an edge – sometimes more chic and classy, sometimes more edgy. I love everything playful and accessories that have a reference to something – I think Marc Jacobs for example does a great job at that. Even before I started blogging a lot of people approached me to ask where I got this or that from. If for example everyone was buying black Louboutins, I would choose neon yellow ones. I very often go for more uncommon choices. I love colourful clothes, mixing textures and patterns on my blog because I enjoy wearing colour and I think wearing something bright and pretty will make you feel more attractive and overall happier.

Who is your style icon?

There were and are amazing women in fashion with an incredible unique style. I couldn’t really name an individual whose style influences me the most, yet there are many women who inspire me. Usually I get inspired by a certain ‘thing’ – that could be movies from the 80′s and the grown up style women are wearing in those, or I could nod to the current sports trend and get inspiration from R’N'B artists and music videos. I get inspiration from the things that inspire my whole life at the moment, and those things in turn would influence my current style.

Are there any stories behind any of the items you are selling?

Yes – I bought the Vanessa Bruno leather shorts, being inspired by a look that I saw Rachel Bilson sporting with shorts and top from same label. Of course celebrities and models always look stylish and fashionable in magazines and street style shots. But sometimes I see someone wearing a look that makes me go: Yes, that’s clever. That’s actually über stylish! It’s a shame that in the meantime those short became too big for me, but I am already on the look out for the perfect new leather shorts to style either with a blazer or to channel Rachel Bilson’s look with a romantic floral blouse – a contrast between tough and soft so to speak.

What is your favourite piece for sale?

That would be said leather shorts and the Marc Jacobs bag, which was a hard decision to give away. But I always say to myself – you can only wear one bag at a time. On that basis I keep my collection of high profile designer items rather small and manageable. By selling pre-loved items I am hoping to fund new items that I am obsessed with and I am also hoping my clothes will find a new home, making someone happy who maybe didn’t want to pay the full original price. I am looking forward to travelling out to London again soon, to fill up my online store with loads of new items that I finally decided to say goodbye to, so I can make a little space in my overflowing wardrobe. That being said, if you like my style, please check back in two or three weeks, where you will find a much bigger eclectic choice!

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