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Vintage Chanel is Cool

By Cat Penn on Jul 06 2015

Think of Chanel. Are you thinking? Good. Now forget everything you think you know, because tweed has changed, darling.

Once something only your Nan wore in a twinset with pearls is now THE coolest thing to be seen in – that goes for quilted bags too. Has it got double C’s on it? Good, then it’s fabulous and bang on trend. If you don’t think that’s right look at the front row - Rihanna, Lily Allen and Poppy Delevigne were all sitting pretty, whilst the original rebel Cara D worked the runway. Oh and the setting? Supermarkets, French bistros and feminist marches – it’s certainly cooler than your regular catwalk!

We’re not saying you need to go Coco head to toe, but a statement piece is the way forward. A tweed skirt teamed with a plain tee and trainers, or a tweed jacket and jeans puts chic and street together in a beautiful pairing that makes you the envy of just about everyone.

Of course, the point of contention here is price. Chanel isn’t cheap, and nor should it be, years of heritage and craftsmanship don’t come for free. But the point is, Chanel is an investment. It’ll age like a dream, it won’t go out of style and it will come back in fierce waves that time and time again will make you say ‘God I’m glad I bought it’.

So if it’s a bag, a jacket, a skirt or even a pair of iconic earrings, do yourself a favour and take the plunge. Nothing haunts us like the Chanel we didn’t buy.

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