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Investment Designer Leather Jackets

By Cat Penn on Jul 08 2015

What do the T Birds, James Dean and Tyler Durden from Fight Club have in common? Clue: the answer isn’t ‘men that I would date’. Stuck? It’s leather jackets. Cool on men and even better on women, we love a good bit of leather.

We feel they’re the absolute epitome of chic dressing thanks to their ability to go with anything – spicing up jeans and tees and chilling out skirts and heels, there’s nothing the right jacket can’t do.

Whilst it might be tempting to stay in the darks of your comfort zone, we implore you to step outside and see the bright lights of coloured leather. Coloured pieces are fab for spring and summer, and we particularly love this bright blue number by Vivienne Westwood.

Of course, if electric blue is just a bit too far, you can always keep it cool and casual in a crackled grey piece, like this one. With detailed piping and dishevelled pocket strings, this is the sort of jacket that makes it look like your other ride is a Harley, not the 205 to Bow Church.

If grey and blue are still too much, you can, of course, go for black. Although, isn’t black always better with studs? Yeah we thought so too. Luckily this DVF one has them in abundance! You didn’t think you could get away from something fun that easily, did you?

So there you have it, three ladies jackets inspired by the guys. Who said boys can’t be style icons?