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Foodie Friday... Kusmi Tea.

By Alex Churton on Jul 12 2013

Blogger Nancy Gibbs from Bank to Boutique was invited along to an event at Kusmi Tea on Marylebone High Street this week and she has given us an exclusive just for foodie friday. Well, it’s actually tea she’s talking about, but that still counts right?

On Wednesday night I was invited to Kusmi Tea on Marylebone High Street to sample a selection of their stunning loose teas and I just couldn’t not share them with you. If you haven’t heard of the brand before don’t worry, nor had I, but it is safe to say that now we (i’ve got the BuyMyWardrobe girls hooked too) will be loyal Kusmi drinkers.

Founded in 1867 and established in Paris since 1917 this brand has got a wealth of experience and knowledge under it’s belt. Started as a family business in Russia by the Kousmichoff family – hence Kusmi Tea – it was the Tsars’ tea of choice. Unfortunately during the 1917 revolution the family had to flee to Paris. In the end this was no bad thing as the business thrived and outlets were opened up all across the world, in Europe as well as America. Sadly the company was hit hard by the Second World War, managing to retain just a few loyal clients. This allowed them to keep ticking over until taken over in 2003 by the Orebi brothers who saw the gorgeous Multi coloured tins and fell under their spell – they are so beautiful aren’t they?

We were given two delicious teas to try – one their newest blend BB Detox made with green tea, maté and a hint of grapefruit – and the other their Imperial Label Blend.

There are so many options with Kusmi Tea, whether you want tea bags, loose tea, one blend or a selection box. Just take a look at the huge selection online. Or if you’re lucky enough to be close by, their store on Marylebone High Street, No.15 is the perfect place to try before you buy. They also have a café so another great lunchtime discovery for the BuyMyWardrobe team.

Follow Kusmi Tea on Twitter @KusmiTea.

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